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Principles of Problematic Character Design, the First

Disparate Stylization

The tendency of artists to keep female characters close to idealized human proportions, even when male characters’ proportions are dramatically stylized.

I remember talking to a guy in school who claimed that it was impossible to make goofy looking female characters and it was like dude, just because you don’t doesn’t mean no one can.

A good example of this is seen in Christopher Hart’s books.
Here is his page on male body types:

Here are his female body types:


sit down, c-hart

I would like to see more comic relief female characters tho~ I can only think of a small few and they;re mostly old school villains or secretly male.

Oop! Wrong again feminist!Tumblr. ( I know you always have /some/ sort of complaint, but still.) All these different characters represent a variant body type for women and I even didn’t delve into the villain section. A lot of these girls are comic relief too to boot.

Its not a deficiency in /character design/. Its just safe marketing. The less the female body type is warped the safer it is to put on TV. You won’t get any complaints from women about an insult to the female body and you won’t have a high percentage of males getting bored because of a lack of aesthetic appeal.

I find it funny though, that these girls didn’t even occur to anyone, /because/ they’re out of proportion in places. So, you see my point.

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